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Beneath is a thin layer of polyfoam that has a firmer and more responsive feel, according to our testers. This helps create a barrier between the support core and the comfort layer. The core is composed of high-density polyfoam, which we found provided support and durability for the entire bed. The quilted cover is a polyester blend fabric infused with copper fibers meant to combat heat retention, which is a known problem with all-foam beds. The memory foam also features phase change material to further regulate temperature.


Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief to the upper body. 床褥 of customizable features for a personalized sleep setup. The durable base is engineered to prevent sinking and sagging while supporting your whole body. Soothing comfort with enhanced support for a better night’s rest. Swing by one of our Sleep Shops, where Sleep Specialists can help you find the perfect mattress, share sleep knowledge and answer your questions about snooze.

Things to Consider while Buying a Mattress

Like that famous Batman villain, it’s split right down the middle. The dark side is medium-firm, and the light side is medium-soft. For me, the soft side didn’t have enough support for my habitual stomach sleeping, but the firm side was quite comfy. There are features that people with back pain tend to universally appreciate — these include lumbar padding, ergonomically zoned support systems, and sturdy edge support. Side sleepers with shoulder or upper back pain should also consider the pressure-relieving qualities of a mattress before buying since poor pressure relief can lead to tension in these areas.

Bladder mattresses

Cool comfort and pressure relief, designed for two sleepers—now with a washable cover. The Avocado Green hybrid mattress is the only mattress WIRED reviewer Scott Gilbertson and his wife agree on. This model somehow manages to be both without being too much of either. Despite more than a year of sleeping on it, there’s zero sagging or any other issues. There is no easy answer to this question since the “best” mattress is exceptionally subjective — a bed that is perfect for one person may leave another person sleepless and sore. You should always start by determining your sleep needs, which include personal preferences but should be based on your sleep position and body type.

Experience the Diamond Difference

We also found the memory foam contours evenly to reduce pressure along the spine and that all three foam layers absorb movement and minimize motion transfer. 10.5-inch ultra-premium quality memory foam mattress set hand built with a one-sided design and soft feel. 10.5-inch ultra-premium quality memory foam mattress set hand-built with a one-sided design and medium-soft feel. 15-inch ultra-premium quality innerspring mattress set hand built with a two-sided EuroTop design and soft feel.

The Nectar Mattress feels like you’re sleeping on classic, conforming memory foam. I’m a hardened stomach sleeper, but this mattress had a magic hug that made me believe I might actually be able to sleep on my side if I owned it. It’s composed of four layers of dense, high-quality foams; the top two are gel-infused for cooling. Like many foam mattresses, the edges could use more support, but overall it’s well built.

Other parameters, such as firmness, are more specific to the sleeper. Double mattresses are available with a softer and a firmer part, or with adjustable firmness levels, to accommodate sleepers with different preferences who share a bed. Each BedInABox® mattress is designed to work with any standard foundation.

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